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Dear guests,

starting with Tuesday 9th of January- we have a new seasonal menu, inspired by grandmother’s home cooking.

We are looking forward to welcome you.
-MSK Team

Opening hours

Our new opening hours in 2018:

Tuesday – Saturday 5pm – midnight
Mondays, on request for groups of 50 persons
Kitchen closes at 10.30pm

Restaurant is open on the following National Holidays in 2018:
Saturday, 6th of January
Tuesday, 1st of May
Thursday, 10th of May
Wednesday, 15th of August
Friday, 26th of October
Thursday, 1st of November
Saturday, 8th of December

reservier dir a platzerl

Dear Guests,
please consider that online reservations can only be made for the following days, maximum 2 months in advance. If you would like to come by spontaneously, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone at +43 1 533 55 30.

E-Mail: reservierung@melkerstiftskeller.at
Tel.: +43 1 533 55 30


... taste is of the utmost importance to us. Our menu is reasonably small, we change dishes a lot and cook freshly. Our products are delivered from the region around Vienna and Melk. Some of them are coming right from the Abbeys own production.

Aperitif - Mirtillo Spritz
Österreichischer Heidelbeerlikör Ingwer Limette
Blueberry liqueur ginger lime
Knoblauchcremesuppe mit Croutons*
Creamed soup of garlic with croutons*
Hausgemachte Fleischknödel auf Paprikakraut
Dumplings filled with pork and egg served with warm cabbage
Krautrouladen mit Faschiertem auf Paradeisersauce mit Salzerdäpfeln*
Stuffed cabbage rolls on tomato sauce with salted potatoes*
Schwammerlgeschnetzeltes mit Bandnudeln*
Stripes of meat in a mushroom sauce with pasta*
Flammerie vom Maisgrieß auf Beerenragout und Vanillesauce*
Flummery of corn on berry ragout with vanilla sauce*
* glutenfrei erhältlich / * gluten free on demand
Kleine Gerichte
Small dishes
2 Aufstriche, Butter und 2 Stk. Gebäck *
2 dips, butter and 2 pieces of bread *
1 Glas Verhackerts mit 2 Stk. Gebäck *
1 glass of pork spread and 2 pieces of bread *
2 Aufstriche, 1 Glas Verhackerts, Butter und 2 Stk. Gebäck *
2 dips, 1 glass of pork spread, butter and 2 pieces of bread *
Käseteller und 2 Stk. Gebäck *
Cheese plate with 2 pieces of bread *
Frankfurter oder Debreziner im Saft / mit Senf und Kren mit 1 Stk. Gebäck *
6,50 / 5,50
2 sausages in goulash sauce / with mustard and horseradish with 1 piece of bread *
1 Stück Gebäck *
1 piece of bread *
1 Stk. Schwarzbrot „Vinschgerl“ *
1 piece of black bread *
* glutenfrei erhältlich / * gluten free on demand
Vorspeisen und Suppen
Starters and Soups
Beef Tartare klassisch mariniert mit getoastetem Brot *
Beef Tartare in a classic marinade with toasted bread *
Saures Rindfleisch mit eingelegtem Gemüse und Kren *
Marinated beef with pickled vegetables and horse radish *
Saisonaler Salat mit Schaffrischkäse und Croutons *
Salad of the season with sheep cheese and croutons*
Rindsuppe mit Fritatten/Gries- oder Leberknödel *
Clear beef soup with strips of pancakes *
Stift‘s Suppentopf mit klassischer Einlage
Pot of hearty clear soup with beef, vegetable, noodles
* glutenfrei erhältlich / * gluten free on demand
Gefüllte Paprika mit Couscous und Zucchini
Vegetarian stuffed bell peppers with couscous and zucchini
Käsespätzle mit Blattsalat
Cheese spätzle with green-leaf salad
Salate: Erdäpfel, Kraut, Gemischter Blattsalat
je 3,50
Serve of potato salad, cabbage salad, mixed-leaf salad
Beilagen: Spätzle, Grillgemüse, Erdäpfelspalten, Petersilerdäpfel
je 3,50
Side dishes: Spätzle, grilled vegetables, potatoe wedges, parsley potatoes
Senf, Ketchup, Kren, Preiselbeeren
je 0,70
Mustard, Ketchup, Horseradish, Cranberry Jam
* glutenfrei erhältlich / * gluten free on demand
1 Person / 3-4 Pers.
Hausspezialität — gebratene Surstelze mit Krautsalat und Kräuterknödel *
12,90 / 29,90
Our speciality — 16hrs slow roasted pork knuckle with cabbage and herbed bread dumplings *
veal / pork
Wiener Schnitzel vom Kalb / Schwein mit Petersilerdäpfel und Preiselbeeren
17,50 / 11,90
Wiener Schnitzel of veal / pork with parsley potatoes and cranberry jam
Zwiebelrostbraten mit Erdäpfelspalten *
Seared beef roast with onion sauce and potatoe wedges *
Backhendelstreifen auf gemischtem Salat
Crumbed stripes of chicken with mixed salad
Fiakergulasch mit Würstel, Gurkerl und Spiegelei dazu Spätzle *
„Fiaker“ Beefgoulash with sausage, pickles, fried egg and spätzle *
* glutenfrei erhältlich / * gluten free on demand
1 Port. + 1 Port.
Rahmschmarrn mit Zwetschkenröster *
5,90 + 4,50
Fluffy pancakes with stewed plums *
Apfelstrudel mit Vanillesauce *
Apple strudel with vanilla sauce *
1 Stück + 1 Stück.
Schokosoufflé mit Marillenkompott und Schokoladensauce *
3,50 + 1,40
Soufflé and sauce of chocolate with apricot compote *
Käseteller und 2 Stk. Gebäck
Cheese plate with 2 pieces of bread
* glutenfrei erhältlich / * gluten free on demand

Parties and events

have a good laugh!

... we hope you will. You want to host an event? We offer the perfect location for your birthday bash, the celebration of your bachelor/master degree or the xmas party of your company. We are flexible and are happy to help you plan and organize the setting for every occasion. Our very own and talented pastry Chef Marie-Louise decorates pies, cakes and Petit Four, individual designs and ideas are welcome. she loves challenges. Stop by, tell us your ideas and dreams, we take the time and do our best to make them come true.

become a regular

...a regulars table is a tradition in Austria. You want to meet your friends and colleagues on a regulary basis? Sitting together, chatting, drinking an ice cold beer after working out or having a discussion about economics and politics, whatever you want to do, we have the booth for you reserved.

About us

... we pride ourselves with cooking fresh, traditional Austrian food. We serve seasonal dishes and ingredients, local wine and beer. A cozy and warm welcoming atmosphere is the essence of our cellar vault, let yourself go after a hard days work, enjoy the ambience and relax.

Our team

... there isn't much to say. We were born to host guests and were made for hospitality, we love what we are doing. Our ultimate goal is it for you to see and feel our passion. Visit us and get an impression. Feedback is always welcome.  


Contact & directions

Schottengasse 3
A-1010 Wien

contact us
E-Mail: office@melkerstiftskeller.at
Tel.: +43 1 533 55 30
Fax.: +43 1 533 55 30 20

how to get there
Station Schottentor:
Accessible by U2, Tram 37/38/40/41/42/43/44
Approximately 5 min walk by foot via Schottengasse in the direction of the inner city

Station Herrengasse :
Accessible by U3
Approximately 7 min walk by foot via Herrengasse, then Schottengasse